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Aug 31, 2019


Yoga has immense benefits for your body, mind and soul. But are you regularly practising it? Everyone wants to practice Yoga but cannot get enough time for it in the daily schedule which will energize your body and refresh your mind. In the present time it has become popular and is practiced as a physical exercise which improves control of the mind and body as well. Yoga is an ancient practice in the Indian philosophy. So here are some asanas which will help you stable your mind and body.

1. Vajra Asana: It is a simple seated pose. It has major benefits which helps your knees, muscles of your legs, ankle joints flexible. Vajra asana is mainly practiced by the Japanese, they sit in this position because it helps your digestion process to go smoothly. Every day if this practice is done it will improve your body flexibility and also, it will improve your body posture.



2. Padma Asana: This asana is most beneficial and effective from all the yoga asana. Ultimate practice of this asana is done to make your body enough flexible for long hours of meditation. This asana is the most preferred by the yogis. It is hard at the beginning but if you practice this few for a few minutes it will help your hips pelvis, legs, and spine, open up.



3. Kapalbhati: This asana is done to oxygenate your body. It energizes your mind and pumps out all the stale oxygen from our body. Kapalbhati is a Sanskrit word which means “shining skull” which gives you a beautiful glow.



4. Vrikshasana: This asana helps you stretch your thighs, shoulders, and groins. It also tones the abdominal muscles and is found as therapeutic.


5. Uttanasana: This is a form of hatha yoga. It stretches your hamstrings and calves, and makes it flexible. Also, it strengthens your thighs and knees. There is one more benefit of this asana it reduces headache, anxiety. One of the most important benefits is it acts a therapy for asthma, sinusitis, and high blood pressure.



As yoga helps our mind and body to stay fit and active thinking creatively is also an art which can help our mind to generate new ideas. Well, even I am a yoga freak and I am working as a digital marketing executive in one of the fastest growing IT industry, its difficult to manage yoga and work but still I can manage to think creatively because of Yoga which helps me relax my mind and when your mind is relaxed you come up with creative ideas and can work efficiently. To know more you can connect with me.