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Health Tips To Stay Healthy During Rainy Season
Health & Fitness
Jul 13, 2019

Monsoon brings with itself the promise of rain, new life, sweet memories and many more. However, it is not just humans who love the rainy season. Plants, animals, bacteria, and viruses enjoy it just as much.

As a result, while we would love taking a walk in the rain, diving into a puddle in the field, or just enjoying a freshly cut fruit on the road, it certainly isn’t entirely harmless. For you to stay healthy and enjoy the rains to the fullest, we prepared a list of simple health tips to keep your healthy this rainy season.

1. Increase Vitamin C Intake

Monsoon is the perfect time for viruses and bacteria to thrive. You will notice that it is this time of the year when viral fevers, allergic reactions, and other viral infections are most spread. Similarly, the air has more bacteria during this time than at any other season. To stay healthy during monsoon, you need to increase your immunity. One of the best ways of doing that is increasing your Vitamin C intake. Eat sprouts, fresh green vegetables, grape and oranges to have a Vitamin C rich diet.


Consume a lot of bitter foods like bitter gourd or karela, bottle gourd or lauki, neem, methi seeds that are responsible for keeping your digestive system in check. They also help improve your immunity.

2. Avoid Junk Food

Street food freshly cut fruits and different kinds of food items sold on the road side should strictly be avoided.

You may love gol gappas, but the water used can be a host to bacteria that can cause severe stomach infection. For that matter, avoid drinking water from any supply apart from sealed bottles and water purifiers.


The road is typically filled with potholes full of water and dust. These form perfect incubators for different kinds of harmful microorganisms. The longer the food items are exposed to the outdoors, the higher they are likely to become home to them. So, every time you eat your favourite junk food, you are more likely to contract a disease.

3. Do Not Store Stagnant Water

One of the worst problem with monsoon is the breeding of mosquitos. These nasty very little insects are absolutely capable of creating you miserable. However, fear not! With a few precautions, you can easily find your way to a mosquito-free area.


Ensure that there’s no open water storage in your home. Ensure that they are always in covered pots. Similarly, take note to ensure that the drains are not clogged, and there’s no rainwater held stagnant in your nearby areas. Mosquitos are usually born in stagnant water, so removing sources of stagnant water will help a lot.

The mosquito population grows throughout monsoon just because of stagnant water — their choice breeding ground — becomes more common.

To keep mosquitoes out of your life, do some housecleaning. Look through flower pots, ditches ,fountains and crannies that may be holding stagnant water. Clean them out and cover them until the monsoon season.

4. Add a Disinfectant to the Bath Water

Most people love taking a stroll in the rain. It is refreshing and one of the wonders of human life. Remember to bathe with a disinfectant like Dettol or Savlon, every time you get wet. It will save you from the millions of microorganisms you carried home and help you stay healthy and fit. Washing your hands and feet, legs are advisable as you get back. Remember, use only clean warm water to wash your face.

5. Get Your Clothes Ironed

It might look like an odd tip, but the monsoon is perfect for molds. Closets, wardrobes, and almirahs are typically used to store clothing, bed sheets, and linen. These places keep cool and begin to get damp because the rains progress. With wet moisture come molds. Since, there’s rarely any sunlight to warm your clothes, getting them ironed is the next best thing.

6. Drink herbal tea

Drink a lots of herbal teas like green tea, or even ginger lemon tea that can help improve digestion and also boost immunity.

Herbal tea has healing properties for coughs, colds and sore throat, common ailments during the rainy season.

To make it extra good for your body (not to say pleasant and delicious), you can add body warming ingredients like cloves, ginger, pepper, basil and mint.

7. Make eucalyptus oil your best friend

The aroma of eucalyptus oil helps us breathe easily which relaxes the entire body. This oil can be your best friend during the rainy season when the nose gets clogged from flu and the body is maxed out from different diseases or may be when dealing with just the extra strain of commuting in within the rain.

There are many ways to breathe in its healing and calming aroma. You can dilute it in water and use it to steam your face.

You can also put a few drops of oil in a handkerchief and bring it wherever you go to protect yourself from viral infection. Alternatively, you can drop it on your neck and head.

Make monsoon a better experience and a less nightmare by bringing these tips to your use.

Have a Happy Healthy Monsoon…!