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Top 5 food items you should not eat in monsoon
Health & Fitness
Jul 13, 2019

The monsoon comes with a lot of puddles, thunder and lightning, and a large portion of food cravings! Especially on those days when you have nothing much to do. The rainy season is incredibly romantic, but it’s also that time when you’re likely to fall sick easily. If you want to avoid running to the doctor every other week, then here are some foods you should not during the monsoon.

1)    Leafy veggies



It is a known fact that leafy vegetables are very important for our health. However, you should avoid consumption of leafy veggies during monsoon because leafy veggies like spinach, methi etc. grow in the mud. And in monsoon, washing this dirt off the leaves can be a challenging, and often germs still remain on them, leading to stomach infections.


2)    Juices from Roadside vendors



The fruits that are on the cart of roadside vendors is a perfect spot for a mosquito party, they have the fruits cut up well in advance, which could have come in contact with contaminated air. Prepare your juices at home using fresh fruits and drink it instantly.


3)    Fried food



Fried food is one of the food items you should completely avoid this monsoon. The extremely humid monsoon weather causes our digestion process to slow down. The fried food could cause gastronomical complications like bloating and stomach upset. So avoid eating fried food during monsoon


4)    Sea food



Monsoon is the breeding season for fish. So you must avoid eating sea food during monsoon. Instead, you can consume chicken or mutton. However, if it is absolutely necessary to have sea food, make sure you are taking extra care to cook them well.

5)  Chaat



Chaat is a roadside snack every Indian loves to eat. Chaat includes panipuri, bhel puri, dahi puri that might be made with contaminated water. Chances of consumption of contaminated water while making these snacks are high leading to infections which can cause jaundice or diarrhoea. A few moments of pleasure can land you in hospital for days.