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How EdTech Tricks You and Foolproof Tips for a Genuine Learning Experience
Sep 30, 2023

Welcome to the thrilling world of EdTech, where the promise of revolutionizing education often conceals hidden tricks. This blog is your survival guide through the twists and turns of the EdTech maze. We'll expose ten common tricks EdTech companies use to lure unsuspecting learners and provide you with ten solid strategies to make wise and informed choices.

How EdTech Tricks You and 5 Foolproof Tips for a Genuine Learning Experience

Big Promises, Tiny Results

The Trick: EdTech giants often dangle the carrot of becoming a genius in a remarkably short time.

The Fix: Conduct a reality check by Googling user experiences. Real stories reveal the true potential of an EdTech platform, helping you manage expectations and commit to realistic learning goals.


Sneaky Costs and Tricky Subscriptions

The Trick: "Free" might come with strings attached, leading to unexpected bills or labyrinthine subscription models.

The Fix: Delve into the fine print; discern what's genuinely free and what carries a cost. Think of it as reading a menu – clarity upfront avoids unpleasant surprises later.


Your Data, Their Playground 

The Trick: Some EdTech apps play fast and loose with your personal information, potentially compromising your privacy.

The Fix: Prioritize platforms with robust privacy measures. Your data should be safeguarded like a valuable asset within Fort Knox, ensuring a secure and trustworthy learning environment.


Reviews that Ring False

The Trick: Glowing reviews can be as manufactured as a Hollywood set, painting an unrealistic picture of a platform's efficacy.

The Fix: Dive beyond the surface. Explore reviews on various platforms, consult friends, or seek opinions from reliable sources. The truth often hides in the nuances shared by genuine users.


Fancy Features, But Where’s the Learning?

The Trick: EdTech platforms may dazzle with fancy features, but their educational substance might be lacking.

The Fix: Prioritize substance over style. Choose a platform that's akin to a well-written book – it might lack flashy animations, but the depth of learning is unparalleled.


Ghost Support – Where Did They Go?

The Trick: Some EdTech platforms vanish when users need support, leaving them frustrated and without assistance.

The Fix: Test their support before making a commitment. Send a few messages and evaluate their responsiveness. A reliable support system is a lifeline in the learning journey.


Numbers Game – Fake Certificates and Badges

The Trick: Certificates and badges might look impressive, but they could be as genuine as unicorns.

The Fix: Investigate the credibility of certificates. Google the institution's recognition or inquire within your network. Authenticity matters more than a flashy badge.


Flashy, But Not Phone-Friendly

The Trick: An engaging app might transform into a headache on your phone, hindering your learning experience.

The Fix: Before hitting 'download,' ensure the app is compatible with your phone. A seamless learning experience requires harmony between the app and your device.

Limited-Time" Deals That Never End

The Trick: EdTech platforms often use urgency tactics, claiming limited-time offers that mysteriously persist.

The Fix: Don't succumb to pressure. If a deal seems too good to be true, take your time. Genuine opportunities withstand the test of time.

Peer Pressure – Everyone's Doing It, Are You?

The Trick: The buzz around a popular EdTech platform might compel you to follow the crowd, regardless of its suitability for your learning style.

The Fix: Choose what aligns with your preferences and goals. What works for others might not be the ideal fit for you. Personalized learning beats following trends.


End Note

Your learning journey should be an exhilarating adventure, not a labyrinth of trickery. EdTech can be a valuable ally, but the key lies in deciphering the tricks and making informed choices. With these ten tricks exposed and ten strategies in your arsenal, you're not just a learner – you're a learning guru. Navigate the EdTech landscape wisely, unlock the doors to knowledge, and let your educational journey be free from the tricks and traps that sometimes lurk in the shadows. 🚀📚