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Digital marketing trends and scope to look forward this year
Apr 25, 2019

It’s no secret that the world of digital marketing is constantly changing. What works today might be completely obsolete tomorrow. If your brand is still continuing to use the same techniques in 2019 as you did in the previous year, expect to see declining results. To ensure your brands stay on top of its digital marketing game this year, here are some of the most important trends to stay ahead of.

Vernacular online content

You can call content the king of marketing. It is the most effective way of marketing. Most of the marketing companies are encouraging their customers and clients to write blogs about their product and services, which gives new visitors decent idea about company. Besides, these blogs also keep their customers and regular visitors up to date about their services.

But the online media in India is set to get diverse. As Even Larger Numbers Of Users Get Access To Low-Cost Internet and affordable mobile phones, there will be a larger demand for internet content in the languages they understand best. To cater to this rising internet audience, brands need to push vernacular to the front and center of their digital marketing strategy. Right from their websites, to their apps, social media campaigns, performance advertising and even social media listening.

SMM ( Social Media Marketing)

Social media marketing mediums like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are playing their big role in digital marketing. These social networking channels have attracted millions of people through attractive posts and info-graphics. The Influencer marketing is on the record high due to social media. This has encouraged businesses to advertise and promote their product and service on social media. Social media marketing is experiencing tremendous growth since the year 2012, which is said to increase even more in 2019. So without any doubt, this will surely be among the top digital marketing trends that will rule this year.

Mobile Marketing

Without a doubt, mobile marketing will be a major shift from computers and laptops. With the availability of low cost Smartphone, it’s very easy for anyone to surf online or visit social media which enables them to neatly bring the whole world into their small display, Smartphone has changed the world of digital marketing since its launch. This trend is believed to grow enormously, as it gives many benefits and comforts to the users. Moreover, the development of responsive websites for e-commerce has further encouraged the growth of mobile marketing by digital marketers. The increase of Smartphone users is rapidly increasing with which mobile marketing will be an important factor in digital marketing trends in 2019.

Scope of Digital Marketing

Now let’s talk about Scope of Digital Marketing

In India, the scope of digital marketing is very broad. Digital marketing is hottest skill in today’s business, companies and enterprises have started to adopt digital marketing to grow their Business. Within few years the world is going digital. All the companies in India will have an online presence and will be providing digital marketing job opportunities.

As per the basics of economics when the demand exceeds supply, the price increases. As the digital marketing skill set is not easily available in the market, people having experience in this field will definitely have an upper hand during salary negotiations. Digital marketing is growing exponentially due to the platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. In the beginning, companies didn’t realize the importance of these platforms, but now they are hiring skilled digital marketer to run their digital marketing campaign for maximum sale, promotion, brand awareness and to grow themselves on the digital spectrum. Companies are willing to pay a premium for experienced and certified professionals who know their job inside out.

To become a digital marketing expert, one does not need an engineering degree or a technical background. Students from any stream can take a course in digital marketing to understand its nuances.

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