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Future scope for Career in Digital Marketing
Apr 25, 2019

Isn’t it the newest thing in our area?

Internet has driven all of us crazy. And yes it is fact of today’s generation. Few years back the hot topic was TV serials gossip and today new post on social media, trending video on YouTube etc. why this happened because of choice and preference of user. In today’s world we are shifting from traditional way to digital world. Its feels like revolution within the society.


The Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in India


As you can see it from screenshot itself, there are thousands of jobs opening in today’s date, 26/10/2018. Digital marketing is highest growing industry in the world currently and its booming in India as well.  As the industry is at a boom, that’s why there are many job opportunities and new companies starting up in every corner.

Digital era has just begun it’s having great scope in future as a career with highest paid salaries than other jobs in industry. This sector is going up and up only from last few years and as per the experts say it will go on the top of all industries in the world due to revolution in technology and approach of peoples toward digital marketing.

Not only in India but also all over the world this industry is on its acceleration.

Digital marketing scope in overseas


In the United States Digital marketing has a broad scope. It is most powerful country in the world cause of its technological advancement.  Digital Marketing is already well know in the USA and that why it is leading country in digital marketing.

If we see at Dubai its already ahead in technological aspects. Many companies in Dubai are going digitally so there are well amount of job opportunities. This can show us they have good number of jobs so it is remarkable scope in digital marketing.


In Canada there is hug number mass and good number of digital marketing job opportunities. There are many jobs available daily basis.



Salary growth in Digital Marketing 

This number can show us only entry level salaries of digital marketing different job titles.

Digital marketing is the only industry where you can get 40% of salary hike within experience of 2/3 years in any organisation.


Career growth in Digital Marketing


 Here is graph of annual salary in Lacs with the career growth path of Digital Marketing Professional.

You can see growing graph of salary and career also. As for career Digital marketing is only industry having high career growth in such a short time of span. Stating from Digital Marketing executive to chief Digital officer and VP- Digital Marketing it goes higher.


As per my best knowledge I can say that Digital Marketing is the best career choice for everyone with the handsome salary.

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