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The Future of Digital HR
May 20, 2019

Digital HR?

Digital HR is the digital transformation of HR services and processes through the use of social, mobile, analytics and technologies.

Digital HR meant to improve both employee experience and organizational success by transforming the HR function from paper-based, reactive and time-consuming to digital-first, mobile and optimized.

As per the survey it stated that people spend more than 3 hours on mobile devices daily. They prefer using digital platforms to connect with their family and friends. And now they expect digital experience at workplaces too!

Organizations that use old methods to process business functions often experience relatively low employee engagement and slow progress in overall business performance. HR needs to understand employee needs, offer tailored solutions, and establish a relationship before selling a solution.

Changing Role of HR

1. Innovate & Streamline Processes

Digital transformation releases HR teams from time-consuming administrative tasks. For instance, digital HR apps to manage employee time and attendance enable employees to mark attendance using their mobile devices and allow managers to access and manage the team’s appearance even on the move.

2. Use Data Analytics

Digital HR is all about innovating a mobile platform with in-built cloud and analytics technology to enable the use of multiple HR apps, like recruitment, attendance, leave, time tracking, goal setting, performance review, training, succession planning, compensation management and more. The integrated data obtained can be used for informed decision making.

3. Develop Workplaces

A digital work environment offers flexibility to employees, enhances team collaboration and accelerates productivity. Extract timesheet, for example, is an employee time tracking tool that keeps projects and teams on track. A self-service system enables employees to apply and manage their leave directly. This improves employee experience and engagement.

How to get started with Digital HR?

Today, HR insights are critical in decision making. The process starts with the digital transformation in Human Resources. The digital HR program is a valuable way to gain the necessary skills and knowledge for managing human capital. It offers a key advantage for companies and business organizations. HR needs to redesign the ways people work.

Digital HR is about use technology in order to make HR more effective, drive better business value, and provide employees with the tools that make them successful and happy at their work.

Now is the time to start turning technology into a competitive advantage. By embracing technology you will position yourself to lead the digital transformation in HR and play a crucial role in ensuring that your organization will not be left behind.

The Digital HRM Program is an initiative by Eduvogue in association with Zoferty Infotech Pvt.Ltd. worldwide to nurture industry leaders of the future by imparting domain expertise and skill sets in the field of Human Resource Management.

Eduvogue introduces digital HR platforms to simplify work, improve employee experience, build an engaged workforce, and use data to support informed decision making!

Benefits of Enrolling in Digital HR Program

  • Eduvogue presents Digital HR program to train HR or freshers who want to start their career in HR Field. Such learning professionals can benefit from a Digital HR program focused on developing and implementing successful learning strategies.
  • In this program, you will learn many Skills like interviewing Skills, Management Skills, Digital recruiting and many more.
  • The Digital HR program will improve HR processes by using analytics to determine what is and is not aligned with HR strategy.