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Data Science Course in Mumbai

6 Months Duration
5.0 (1387 ratings) 1634 students enrolled
Duration 6 Months

Start - 29 Sep 2021

32 % off
  • Job Guarantee Letter at Admission
  • Get Salary Package upto 5 Lac p.a
  • Learn from Industry Expert

Data Science Course in Mumbai Enroll Now

Course Overview


Eduvogue Full Stack Data Science Course will transform you into a complete data scientist. Come & accelerate your career in data science today with india's no 1 data science course.

  • 100% Practical with Industry Training

    Learn 100 % Practical and 10 % required theory aspects of building and implementing strategies in a international business environment.

  • Real-world Projects

    You’ll practice on live campaigns on major platforms. You’ll learn and apply new techniques, analyze results, produce actionable insights, and build a excellent portfolio of your data science work.

  • Resume Reputation

    This course is designed to ensure your long-term success in data science field. The skills you learn will prepare you for jobs as a data scientist professional, and you’ll be ready to work immediately with mnc & corporate.

  • Online or Classroom Classes

    Attend data science classes from anywhere by Online Classes or Come to our Classroom Classes.

  • High Salary Job

    Yes you Heard right, data science freshers earn high salary package as compare to any other domain. After course completion, you'll be job ready to work with medium or corporate companies.

  • Mixture of Strategy and International Business

    This Course is aimed at helping managers to develop insights about formulating strategies in the international framework.

Learners Speak

  • Priyanka kajale

    I joined this classes with hardly any knowledge about what is Data Science.I was a bit skeptical about attending online classes thinking that it won't be that effective as compared to learning in person. This was the first time I have taken a class in a remote format, and I was delighted the way lectures conducted. I loved the fact that even though I was in an online class with other people, the actual space for learning was very private and trainers were observing each one of our screen carefully to see our work. The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable articulate and is very clear in his method of teaching and provides a wealth of information. All my doubts are answered and the class interaction is very good. The instructor is very patient, gives us our time to understand the concepts and helps us in implementing it. I had a great learning experience with Eduvogue for Data science course.

    06 Sep 2021
  • Pooja reddy

    I had joined Eduvogue for data science course last year. I was little bit tensed about the training that I would get in the Institute but fortunately, the support and training that they are providing is excellent. Valued added courses helped me a lot to learn new tools like mysql, tabluea etc. Assignments and project helped me to get the hands-on experience. Overall it's good Institute. I would recommend this Institute who are looking for data science course in mumbai, India. Thanks

    06 Sep 2021
  • Abhinav Gupta

    Eduvogue is one stop solution for Data Science Machine Learning and AI courses as you get to learn from Industry experts. I had a wonderful learning experience even from non tech background which fostered me to transition into Data Science domain and got placed even in this difficult lockdown situation. Good value and professional's choice. Good support. Kudos to Eduvogue.

    06 Sep 2021
  • Hemali Jadega

    The Data Science degree is really well structured for those who are planning to transition into the Analytics field. The software taught is easy to understand. If there are any doubts the professors are always ready to help you at anytime. I am really very happy that i have completed my data scientist degree from eduvogue. They made my life successful. Special thanks to sonam mam.

    08 Sep 2021
  • Shubham shinde

    I took online training from Eduvogue for machine learning and artificial intelligence course. Here are my thoughts about training 1. Well crafted course curriculum any one with no programming knowledge can easily adopt the concepts . 2. Highly experienced trainer with humble, supportive and really knowledgeable 3. Support for query resolution and for placement is very good . 4. All services access is for life time

    08 Sep 2021
  • Kajal Doshi

    If you ask me why Eduvogue , I would say its because of two things. Firstly its curriculum is truly international standards. The courses are taught in great depth, covering from basic to advanced levels. Secondly the academic staff from student support staff , mentors to HR staff are totally motivated to give you their best. In short , Eduvogue is the best institute for data science

    08 Sep 2021
  • naziya khan

    I liked the teaching , student support staff and career professional team. The way of teaching is so professional at this company , I am sure more graduates like me would agree that. The organization is run like a corporate where systems are in place be it the Weekly Dashboard, Standf-up meetings every morning or mistake analyzers. Best take away is the portfolio that showcases your best work which is a sure shot of getting a good job. All in all…a great institute to learn data science course!

    08 Sep 2021


Course content
Data Science Project Lifecycle

Demo Session Overview about Types of Analytics Project life cycle Introduction of Panel

Introduction To Basic Statistics Using R And Python

Topics 1. Data Types 2. Measure Of central tendency 3. Measures of Dispersion. 4. Graphical Techniques. 5. Skewness & Kurtosis 6. Box Plot 7. R Studio 8. Descriptive Stats in R 9. Python (Installation and basic commands) and Libraries 10. Jupyter note book 11. Set up Github. 12. Descriptive Stats in Python 13. Pandas and Matplotlib

Probability And Hypothesis Testing

Probability Probility Distribution Random Variable Normal Distribution Expected Value SND Sampling Funnel CLT Sampling Variation Confidence interval Assignments Session-1 (1 hr) Introduction to Hypothesis Testing Hypothesis Testing with examples 2 proportion test 2 sample t test Anova and Chisquare case studies

Exploratory Data Analysis -1

1. Data Cleaning 2. Imputation Techniques 3. Visualisation 4. Scatter Plot 5. Correlation analysis 6. Transformations 7. Normalisation and Standardisation

Linear Regression
Logistic Regression

Learn about the Multiple Logistic Regression and understand the Regression Analysis, Probability measures. Know what is a confusion matrix and its elements. Get introduced to “Cut off value” estimation using ROC curve. Work with gain chart and lift chart.


Learn deployment using R and python

Data Mining Unsupervised Clustering

1. Data Mining Process 2. Agglomerative Clustering 3. Measure of distance 4. Numeric - Euclidean, Manhattan, Mahalanobis 5. Categorical - Binary Euclidean, Simple Matching Coefficient. 6. Mixed - Gower’s General Dissimilarity Coefficient 7. Single Linkage / Nearest Neighbour 8. Complete Linkage / Farthest Neighbour 9. Average Linkage 9. Centroid Linkage 10. Visualisation of clustering algorithm

Dimension Reduction Techniques
Association Rules
Recommender System
Introduction To Supervised Machine Learning
Decision Tree
Exploratory Data Analysis - 2
Feature Engineering
Model Validation Methods
Ensembled Techniques
KNN And Support Vector Machines
Regularization Techniques
Neural Networks
Text Mining
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Naive Bayes
Survival Analysis
End To End Project Description With Deployment
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Data Science Basic with R
Data Science Basics Of Python
Data Science Basics Of MYSQL
Basics Of Hadoop And Spark

Career Support

Your High Pay Job is Waiting for you. Eduvogue Data Science Course will support and guide you to become a capable and skilled data scientist.

Dedicated HR Support

Attend Great Learning job fairs organised by eduvogue across cities. Participate in our recruitment drives with top companies looking for data science certified professionals. Our Dedicated HR Team will be always available to assist you till you Succeed.

Access to multiple jobs till Hiring

Access a list of jobs relevant to your experience and domain. Our dedicated career support team working with 250+ organisations

Interview preparation workshops

Familiarize yourself with commonly asked questions that’ll help you crack any technical interview. Use your online Portfolio to showcase your skills and improve your chances of getting hired

Personalised career mentorship

Get an expert mentorship for career mentor, they will help you take your path to career success. Get guidance on choosing the right opportunities, building a great CV and much more.


Eduvogue data science classes for this course will be through LIVE lectures that will be conducted via classroom or online via internet to participant desktops/laptops or classrooms using Eduvogue Direct To Device platform.

The pedagogy will comprise concepts and frameworks, hands-on sessions on tools, use-cases, interactive sessions, project work and class exercises imparted by industry experts & Department Heads on 30+ Modules. The participants will have opportunity to work on data lab consisting of live industry data. This course is mostly hands-on and so it is recommended, to participants to attend the lectures regularly and to practice given assignments & project work on given timeframe.

A minimum of 90% attendance to the lectures is mandatory for the successful completion of this course. There are periodic evaluations throughout the duration of the course. These maybe in the form of a surprise test, assignment, case studies , project or other objective assessments. The evaluations are intended to ensure continuous applicant engagement with the course and encourage learning. 

Eligibility Criteria for enrollment is Graduation / Post Graduation in any stream and basic computer knowledge with internet handling skills.

Fee Schedule

A. Self Funding

1st Installment  INR 28,333 /- 

2nd Installment  INR 28,333 /- 

3rd Installment  INR 28,333 /- 

B. Zero Cost EMI Bajaj Finserv & Many Financial Associates

C. Bank loan on all major Bank Credit Card  / Debit Card – With lowest monthly EMI

Duration 6 Months

Start - 29 Sep 2021

32 % off
  • Job Guarantee Letter at Admission
  • Get Salary Package upto 5 Lac p.a
  • Learn from Industry Expert

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