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Dec 14, 2019

Marathi Wedding, India

Now a Days, in Maharashtra there is trending for weddings. Every week more than 100 couples are getting married.
It’s very exciting to attain a wedding here. The wedding is full of colors, happiness, joy, dancing, singing and many more traditional rituals.
Here the wedding doesn’t start 3,4 days before marriage but it starts when the wedding gets fixed.
There are beautiful rituals which are not only done by Bride and Groom but by many persons. The presence of every person is important here to Blessing the couple. The marriage rituals are different as per every
Sakharpuda(Ring ceremony): The start with the beautiful Ring ceremony. After the marriage fixed there will be a Ring ceremony where the bride and groom engage with each other


Halad Chadhavne: Haldi ceremony is the most favorite and joyful ceremony where every one applied Haldi to Bride and Groom. Because Haldi increases the beauty. Somewhere there also other people play like Holi. There is also Dancing and Singing at this Ceremony.

Mirvnuk: On the next Day it starts with Groom get ready and Everyone get ready with Beautiful and color clothes with Awesome looks. Groom went out on Horse and visit every temple in the village with everyone called Varhadi mandli. While visiting also there is band Baja or DJ so everyone dancing and enjoys the Mirvnuk.

Mangalshtaka : The most important ritual in this wedding is Mangalashtaka. The Bride And Groom Stand on Antarpat and the priest called pandit sing Mangalashtaka and every people gives showers of blessings on the couple through throwing colorful rice on them.

Saptapadi : The Second important ceremony is Saptapadi where Bride and Groom do puja in homehawan and priest guide them and Then Bride and Groom take 7 rounds and make 7 promises to each other and holding relation for a lifetime.

Kanpili : This is the funniest but responsible ritual. The bride’s brother pitch Groom’s ear and take a promise that he will take care of the Bride for a lifetime and protect her and never make her cry. This is the most beautiful moment.

Kanyadaan : The hardest time for Bride’s father to Give her beloved Daughter in someone’s hand for a lifetime.

Bidaai : The most hardest part for Bride and her family. When she leaves her own home and her family. This is an emotional moment that makes her cry while leaving her home. She meets every relative and she then she go with her Groom.

Here the marriage ceremony ends. But thereafter also it continues after marriage like Varaat, Pooja, Darshan and so on…

Here that’s all for the day. Thank you for reading hope you like it.