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Best Place For Trekking In Maharashtra: Kalsubai
Jul 09, 2019

Trekking the moderate difficulty level mount Kalsubai Peak has been my childhood ambition, right from the school days. In this blog post, I will share my experience of the trek in Sahyadri’s tallest mountain the Kalsubai Peak.

About Kalsubai

Kalsubai is the highest peak of Maharashtra one should definitely try during monsoon to see a mesmerizing view from the top.

Kalsubai is that the most famed, jammed and also the highest peak of the geographic area. It’s a 1646m/5400 feet tall mountain situated in-between Nashik and Ahmednagar district in the state of Maharashtra, India. The peak is titled when a girl named Kalsu, who is believed to have escaped from the Indori village, saving herself from the slavery of her employer’s ruthless cruelty.

There is a temple on the height made in her memory. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the native devotees gather at this temple for prayers.

Things to notice during the trek

Kalsubai is that the highest peak Since I am writing this weblog after my monsoon trek to Kalsubai; waterfalls, mist and watercourse streams are few of nature’s delight to expertise on the path. If you’re lucky, like me, you’ll expertise the development of the reverse falls — water droplets flowing against gravity because of the force of the wind. Sounds like magic, ain’t it?

During summers, it gets difficult to climb due to the heat. Monsoon and winter are the most effective time to think about this trek. However, I might recommend you refrain from considering this trek just in case you’re a beginner and not centered on fitness. Else, the trek would drain your energy quite help you enjoy it.

There is no (portable) water facility available throughout your trail, you are required to carry water bottles (reusable preferred) for your consumption. It is better to keep sipping water to avoid dehydration and cramps. The trek would take around 3–4 hours for an ascent and about 2–3 hours to descend, making a total of 6–7 hours including few breaks.

You can have breakfast at the village and leave for the trek. Also, you’ll pre-order your lunch at the bottom village that is served as a Maharashtrian thali. Please don’t waste food as there are loads of exertions and efforts that enter making ready meals for each one of us out there. The villagers are very hospitable and helpful towards the trekkers.

Once you begin the trek, the primary landmark you witness is that the village temple followed by a stream that’s to be crossed to start the trek. During monsoons, there is a patch of fresh slush near the paddy fields, so don’t worry about the stains. Remember the famous tagline, ‘Daag acche hain’? At the end of the day, you’re sure to get wet and stained when you complete the trek.

One has to be careful while climbing the ladders, as some of them are placed on vertical sections. The other danger is there are loose soil and gravel all along the trek which could make one slip if not careful. So be cautious, don’t be in a hurry, or challenge yourself for something foolish. The good thing about this route is that there are railing provided for the steps and ladder sections.

While climbing the mountain it was raining and we really enjoyed that moment and captured those memories in our eyes as well as the phone. It was a great experience which I had in my life till now. The weather was very romantic and the sound of rain added romantic background music. Nature lover should go there once in their life to experience such a great feeling. We were so hungry, so I remove some snakes from my bag but suddenly I saw a monkey and he was looking at me, he jumped on my bag and take my snacks away and started eating. I think he was more hungry than me, So friends don’t eat anything while trekking. There were small tea stalks after half-half hour distance on the mountain so you can seat there have tea and biscuits. It was very cold so we drunk tea and that tea was very tasty, having tea in the monsoon is one of the best feelings.

We reached the top at 11.00 am, so it took 4 hours. The view from the top is breathtaking, you can see mountains all around you, also one can see the backwaters of the Bhandardara dam. There is a small temple at the top of goddess Kalsubai. It was a very beautiful view and I was feeling like I am in heaven. We were at the top for more than an hour. It was a memorable hour of my life and I just wanted to stay there for more time but it’s not possible. We were so hungry, we had some snacks at the top and then decided to descent at 12.05 pm. We reached at Bari at 4.00pm and had lunch, And after that, we started our journey to Mumbai with lots of memories of kalsubai trek.

At the end of the day, the feeling of such an experience has no bounds.